Posted by admin on Mon, 02/25/2008 - 08:35

Well, here it is! Finally the launch of!!!

I grew up restoring and tinkering with cars. It first started off with a '64 Impala, then a '79 Cutlass, and then a '81 Chevy truck for my brother. They were all group projects with my Father, and occasionally we would talk about restoring 260XW Brockway. My Dad wound up buying a 1946 260XW, and in the summer of 2000 we took a trip up to Bill Fletchers to look at a pair of fenders he had. Several months after that, I wound up buying a 155W from Bill, and then it took off from there! Next to follow me home to my garage was a '50 260XW, then a '54 148W, then a '70 361, then a '51 260XW, then a '58 and so on...

We quickly realized Brockway info was hard to find with resources being limited. So for the past two years or so we kicked around the idea of a web site around with my brother, who is a computer programmer. After numerous discussions, lots of scanning, lots of programming, you get what you see here! If you like what you see, have any comments, have anything you would like to submit, please drop me a line through the contact section.